Colored Spreadsheets Using Conditional Formatting

I was playing around with conditionally formatted spreadsheets in Excel, and made some simple colored patterns. One of them was produced by adding 1 all the way down the first column, then in each row adding 1 to the cell left of it. This was the result: I also tried an exponential sequence – like … Read moreColored Spreadsheets Using Conditional Formatting

Mandelbrot Program – Added Shading

I added basic shading to my Mandelbrot fractal program. If you haven’t seen that, here’s a link. Anyway, for each pixel it takes the number of iterations of z=z2+c in order for the coordinates to escape the Mandelbrot set, and bases the color off of that. Picture: Right now, however, it can only use shades … Read moreMandelbrot Program – Added Shading

Mandelbrot Set Generation Program

This is a program I wrote that generates the Mandelbrot fractal (here’s a Wikipedia article about it), written in JavaScript, using the HTML5 canvas. For each pixel, it evaluates a recursive formula, z=z2+c, based on the coordinates of that pixel. If, after the z value is fed back into the formula a certain number of … Read moreMandelbrot Set Generation Program