100 Posts on OnlyOnesAndZeros

I published my first post to OnlyOnesAndZeros.com over two years ago, and I’ve done a lot with it since. A couple of days ago Several months ago, I published my 100th post1 to the website, and I’ve decided to celebrate by analyzing all of the posts I’ve done so far and share the results with you.

First, here are some quick facts about the blog:

  • Started in December 2016
  • 101 posts2 published
  • 2434 pages published
  • Lots of words (more on this later)
  • Topics
  • The coolest blog ever6

For more information, you can also visit the about page.

Alright, time for some math. Combined, my first 100 posts total 18,909 words. These would take up about 115 kilobytes of storage space and around 2 hours and 10 minutes for the average person to read aloud. Printed out, this would be 1,702 lines of text, or 76 pages (double-spaced)7.

Each post has roughly 1,634 words on average; the longest post is the “How Long Would it Take to Print Out YouTube?” post, with 3,287 words. The shortest post has 0 words; it took me a while to figure out which post this is. It turns out it’s the Star Wars Day post, which is just the title and an image.

The three most commonly-used words are “the”, “of”, and “a”, with 932, 508, and 499 uses each, respectively. The first 26 most-used words are all grammatical – the most common non-grammatical word is “number”, which is used a total of 77 times. Others include “video” (75), “program” and “YouTube” (38 each), “Bitcoin” (28), and “Easter” (26)8. Least used words include “supermoon”, “unconventional”, “computations”, and “quattuordecillion,” with 1 occurrence each.

Here are some more stats, courtesy of WP Word Count:

If you want to know more about how exactly I figured this stuff out, you can also check out the behind the scenes post. Maybe I’ll do this again when I get to 1,000 posts9. Have a good afternoon10, and happy holidays!

  1. 100 is a lot. It’s like 10, but bigger.
  2. And zero dalmations.
  3. 4!
  4. I realize that this looks like 244, or 331,776, but it’s actually just 24 with a footnote.
  5. Almost always.
  6. *The coolest blog called OnlyOnesAndZeros.
  7. https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=18,909+words
  8. Probably thanks to this post.
  9. But it’ll even be cooler.
  10. Or morning, evening, or night, depending on when exactly you are reading this.