Sometimes when I need a certain functionality when programming, the best solution is to use a pre-existing library. Instead of coding something myself, which could take dozens of hours, it is likely that someone else has already done the same thing better. But sometimes, even with the vast resources available on the internet, it is … Read moremicronotes

100 Posts on OnlyOnesAndZeros – Behind the Scenes

I recently celebrated 100 posts on OnlyOnesAndZeros and created this post analyzing the posts I have written so far and sharing some statistics about them. Here’s how I did it. First, I used a WordPress plugin called WordPress Exporter to perform a custom XML export of the 100 posts that I have published so far. If you’re … Read more100 Posts on OnlyOnesAndZeros – Behind the Scenes

Visualizing Videos as 3D Objects with Blender

A while ago, I saw this note I wrote to myself of a future project to work on: a 3D visualization of a video. I had been thinking about how videos are basically sequences of 2-dimensional images,  comprised of millions of pixels arranged into different x and y positions, and any video can therefore be … Read moreVisualizing Videos as 3D Objects with Blender

Programming Projects on GitHub

I do lots of programming projects, and GitHub is the place where developers share their code and collaborate on open-source projects. My most recent projects are all published as GitHub repositories, where all the code is stored alongside issues, ideas for features and improvements, documentation, and more. I plan to eventually do a post for each and every one of my GitHub repositories, which will link to the posts when they are finished.

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100 Posts on OnlyOnesAndZeros

I published my first post to OnlyOnesAndZeros.com over two years ago, and I’ve done a lot with it since. A couple of days ago Several months ago, I published my 100th┬ápost1 to the website, and I’ve decided to celebrate by analyzing all of the posts I’ve done so far and share the results with you.

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  1. 100 is a lot. It’s like 10, but bigger.

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and Data Security

I don’t normally do news posts1, but I thought that this was a fairly important issue to address, so here’s a brief post in case you were wondering what I have to say about it.

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  1. Another reason this post isn’t on the main page, and why I added a tech news category to my website.