My Favorite GitHub Repositories

As I am writing this, I have starred 264 repositories on GitHub. I decided to pick a few of my favorites1 and share them with you, in no particular order.


An encoding system designed to condense as much data into short strings of text as possible using 65,536 (216) different Unicode characters. Also see base131072.

No Code

The best way to create efficient, powerful, secure, programs with minimal effort.

WebGL Fluid Simulation

One of my all time favorite things on the web. It is easy to spend hours playing with this addictive fluid simulation, both on desktop and mobile.


An essential tool for any web developer, the atom-live-server package for the Atom text editor takes the pain out of working on web pages and JavaScript applications. Every time a project is edited, the page is automatically updated and refreshed. Since the page is treated the same as being loaded from a web server, it makes testing cross-origin and AJAX requests much easier.


A mirror of the git version control system, the foundation of modern software development.


My favorite graphing library for JavaScript, Chart.js makes it extremely simple to create interactive, responsive charts for web pages and has been an indispensable tool for me.

Flappy Learning

A well-designed and fascinating neuroevolution demo that helped me become interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Also see MarI/O.


TensorFlow is one of the best machine learning libraries in existence and an excellent step towards making artificial intelligence open and accessible for all.


The JavaScript version of TensorFlow and probably the best way to work with machine learning in the browser.


Atom is my favorite text editor of all time, mostly because it is so easy to customize through easily accessible theme files and thousands of community-developed packages and add-ons. It also comes out-of-the-box with git integration and works better than any other editor I have used.


An immensely powerful 3D graphics library for JavaScript that is easy to learn and equally easy to create incredible projects with. Have a look at the gallery to see some examples.

Material Design Lite

One of my favorite web design libraries that makes it easy to develop responsive, good-looking projects with simple yet powerful components and icons.


An2 essential JavaScript library that makes DOM manipulation so much easier than it would otherwise be and provides countless invaluable features.


A great tool for anyone trying to get into machine learning or neural networks by none other than the great Andrej Karpathy. Also make sure to check out some of the ConvNetJS demos.

Progressive Growing of GANs

Last but not least, the code for NVIDIA‘s groundbreaking research paper in which they greatly improved the quality of results using generative adversarial neural networks and made them easier to train. Check out the actual paper here.

There are plenty of great repositories that didn’t make it onto this list. I might make another post once I find even more amazing open-source projects. For now, thanks for reading.

  1. Maybe I should create a bracket of all the GitHub repositories I have starred to definitively determine which one is the best.
  2. The