Powers of 2 (Doubling Numbers) in JavaScript

This is a program I wrote in JavaScript that constantly doubles a number starting at 1 (powers of 2). It is written to avoid an integer overload caused by a number becoming too large and getting converted to a number such as “8.6086919e+436”. It does this by essentially treating the number as a string, and multiplying it digit by digit, much like a human would on paper. The number shown in this picture is approximately 2^14,500. When the program is started, it will ask how many digits per line before the number continues onto the next line, and how long (in seconds) it should wait before doubling the number again. If you open developer tools (F12), in the console it shows the power of 2 the program is displaying. Here is a link to run the program, or you can view the code.

Many numbers in black on a white background