Updated Chaos Game Fractal Generator

Updated Chaos Game Fractal Generator

I have created another version of my chaos game fractal generator program. The new version allows for the user to input the number of vertices used to generate the fractal, as well as adding one (optional) rule: whether the same vertex can be selected more than once in a row. This post, in which I used the program to generate the Sierpinski triangle fractal explains the process in more detail:

“Chaos Game” Sierpinski Fractal Generation

Also, the YouTube channel Numberphile recently (after the original 3 posts) made an excellent video about this. When the program is launched, it will first ask for a number of vertices used to generate the fractal (3 to 100), then whether to allow repeated vertex selection (y or n). It will then generate the fractal by placing individual points. You can create another fractal by just refreshing the page. The locations of the vertices are calculated automatically based on your browser’s window size. I would recommend trying some of these combinations:

3, y

3, n

4, n

5, n

6, n

  • Run the program here
  • See the code here

Here’s 2 other posts about this program:

Variants of the Sierpinski Triangle

Another Variant of the Sierpinski Triangle

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