Another Update Post

Another site update. The next [real] post will be out on Sunday. Read at your own risk.

This is another site update (yay). You can read all about it below.


Website Update #1 – Extra Easter Weekend Post

Happy Easter! (In three days) [If you celebrate Easter]

To celebrate, I’ll be doing TWO posts this weekend instead of the normal one. One post (Easter-themed) will go up in two days1, and the other (a sports-themed post2) will be out two three days after that. I’ll link to them here as soon as they are posted.

Site Update #2 – Image Gallery

I now have an “Image Gallery” page on my website, to which I will add the best or most visually appealing images from my website, including Blender renders, Minecraft screenshots, things generated with programs I wrote, and other stuff. You can click on each image to view a larger version of it, too.

A red arrow pointing to the "image gallery" category.

Update #3 – “Miniposts”

I’ll be adding a “miniposts” section to my website. I’ll put very short posts in this category, including random thoughts and things that I want to share that aren’t actual posts3. These posts be excluded from the homepage and from feeds. Posts like this one will go in this category. After a couple weeks, I’ll also put these update posts in the miniposts section.

A red arrow pointing to the "miniposts" category.

#4 – More random text on the sidebar

I added more random text options to the sidebar. If you want, you can just keep refreshing the homepage to see new text. Enjoy.

A red arrow pointing to the random text widget

I’m reusing this image from the last update post.

Edit4: 5 – Blogroll

A list of sites and blogs that I think are cool. I’ll be adding more links to it soon.

A red arrow pointing to the blogroll.

Edit5: 6 – Tag Cloud

Another widget: a cloud of frequently used tags on Click on one to see all posts with that tag.

A red arrow pointing to the tag cloud.


Well, I guess that’s it. Sorry for having two update posts in a row, there’ll be a new post on Sunday. Bye.

Footnotes are back (for now)

  1. Depending on whether or not I remember to post this on time (let’s just say “Sunday”).
  2. It’s not what you think.
  3. Maybe I should create a new post category for site updates.
  4. Is it okay to update an update post? I guess so.
  5. 17 total revisions now, if you’re wondering. [A few days later]: And 22 now. Not that it matters.