“Quack Overflow” – Happy April Fool’s Day

The April Fool’s┬ájoke that you never knew you needed.

Easter coincided with April Fool’s Day1 this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember about April Fool’s day until yesterday, and didn’t have time to do a post, but I did want to share with you2 Stack Exchange‘s amazing April Fool’s Day prank3: An image of a rubber duck in the lower-right hand corner of every Stack Exchange website that acts as a programming helper. The duck doesn’t actually do anything; it is a reference to “rubber duck debugging,” in which a programmer talks about their programming problems to a rubber duck or other inanimate object, in the hopes of discovering the problem in their code by describing how it is supposed to work. Here are some screenshots:

Quack OverflowQuack Overflow

Quack Overflow

And here’s the Google Trends┬ásearch volume graph for “quack overflow:”

Google Trends

You can read about rubber duck debugging on rubberduckdebugging.com and Wikipedia4 If you want to check this out, I would recommend doing it soon, as it will likely be taken down after April Fool’s Day is over.

If you want to read my Easter post, you can find it here:

Easter Search Trends

That’s about it. Bye.

Edit: As of 10 AM on April 2nd, the duck is still there.

  1. “April Fool’s” or “April Fools'”?
  2. Even though I said that I would only do 2 posts this week. Although this isn’t a real post.
  3. One of my favorites.
  4. Wikipedia actually mentioned this joke in their article on rubber duck debugging.