xkcd bracket

A while ago, xkcd, my favorite web comic1, published a bracket of a number of pop culture figures, similar to a March Madness bracket. It is comic number 1529; here’s what the bracket looks like.

Credit: xkcd

For fun2, I decided to fill out the entire bracket with my choices3. It was difficult to decide in many cases, but I persevered.

The final four are Neil Armstrong, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Doctor Strange, and scallops. Of Neil Armstrong and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Armstrong won. Between Doctor Strange and scallops, Doctor Strange won4. Doctor Strange won the entire bracket, which is not the result I was expecting. Coming soon: the bracket of all the xkcd comics. There are currently 2,088 xkcd comics, so if I make one choice every 30 seconds, I can finish in 17 hours, 3 minutes, and 30 seconds5. Well, that’s about it. Thanks for reading.

Happy Boxing Day to Canadians/United Kingdom people!

  1. It’s really the only web comic I read. I don’t think Wait But Why counts, though it’s great too.
  2. “fun”
  3. Not who I thought was most likely to win, but who I liked better.
  4. Sorry, scallops.
  5. On second thought, maybe I won’t do that.