Creating a Television Show Tracker With Google Sheets

I’ve been doing a lot of spreadsheets lately and thought it might be appropriate to create a tracker with a little more detail than the text file I was listing shows I watched in. I decided to list each show I’ve watched recently along with checkboxes to indicate which shows I’ve started watching, finished watching, … Read moreCreating a Television Show Tracker With Google Sheets

Google Photos: A Brief Review

I have a lot of photos, and I’m always looking for better ways to store, organize, and share them. I’ve used local folders, Google Drive, Apple devices, iCloud, and other solutions – no single choice is perfect, and they all have their merits and disadvantages. Recently I decided to start using Google Photos more. I … Read moreGoogle Photos: A Brief Review

Apple Music Web Interface: good start, needs work

People tend to have some very, very strong opinions about just about everything, even things as mundane as music services. Personally, I prefer Apple Music over anything else; it works well, automatically syncs to iCloud, iTunes, and iWhatever-else Apple is currently promoting. I can use it on my smartwatch, phone, and computer fairly seamlessly, and … Read moreApple Music Web Interface: good start, needs work

Unlimited Private Repositories for All GitHub Users

I came across a nice surprise a few days ago when I found out that GitHub, my favorite place for developers to share, track, and version-control their code and collaborate on projects, is now offering unlimited private repositories to all users, including free ones (like myself). Previously users that chose not to subscribe to GitHub … Read moreUnlimited Private Repositories for All GitHub Users

My Favorite GitHub Repositories

As I am writing this, I have starred 264 repositories on GitHub. I decided to pick a few of my favorites and share them with you, in no particular order. base65536 An encoding system designed to condense as much data into short strings of text as possible using 65,536 (216) different Unicode characters. Also see … Read moreMy Favorite GitHub Repositories

Tree: Visualizing File Structures with JavaScript

Sometimes it is useful to be able to see the structure of a directory of files in an intuitive way, such as a tree visualization. Unfortunately, many of the available tools for doing to must be downloaded and installed, which takes time and is sometimes a more complicated and risky endeavor than one would hope … Read moreTree: Visualizing File Structures with JavaScript