“Chaos Game” Sierpinski Fractal Generation

Sierpinski triangle fractal

This is a Sierpinski triangle fractal generated using the chaos game method, in which a point inside a triangle is copied halfway to any random vertex of the triangle. That is to say, we pick a point inside an initial triangle, then randomly select a corner in that triangle. We then take the x and y coordinates of that corner/vertex and find the difference between that and the coordinates of the starting point. Finally, we divide those differences by 2 and use those as the coordinates for the next point, and repeat. If you want, you can run the program I wrote to generate the fractal, or look at the code (in JavaScript) I used.

Minecraft – Fireball Explosion

The crater created by a fireball explosion in Minecraft

This is the result of a ghast fireball in Minecraft, summoned in with a custom explosion power using a command. The rays cast by the explosion are clearly visible in the ground because the explosion power of this particular fireball was set hundreds of times higher than that of a normal ghast fireball, so it spreads out a great deal more. This video by JL2579 and this video by WubbiConcepts explain this in much greater detail.

Minecraft – Leprechaun and Rainbow

A giant zombie in Minecraft holding a potato under a rainbow

This is a leprechaun (it took me forever to spell that) I made in Minecraft. I made it a while ago, probably for a St. Patrick’s Day video so. . . happy early St. Patrick’s Day! The “leprechaun” is actually a giant zombie wearing enchanted leather armor dyed green, and holding an enchanted potato. The rainbow is FallingSand entities spawned in by a (clearly visible) command block clock on the left. The “TileID” tag (I don’t know if this specific tag works anymore) is used to retexture them to different colors of wool blocks.