I now have an about page – here you can find information about OnlyOnesAndZeros.com.


(Somewhat Random Questions)1

What is OnlyOnesAndZeros.com?

A cool2 blog about math, programming, tech, and other stuff that I find interesting. I started the blog in a late 2016, publishing my first post3 on . I post roughly once a week, or as often as possible.

Can I link to posts on OnlyOnesAndZeros.com?

Yes, please do!

Can I use images from OnlyOnesAndZeros.com?

Yes, but please attribute the site in a format similar to this one: “[Source: OnlyOnesAndZeros (onlyonesandzeros.com)]” You should always include the name and the web address of the site. Do not attribute OnlyOnesAndZeros.com in any way that implies that I endorse your use of my material.

How do I write the name of this site?

I also made a table with each of the different configurations of the website name. Green is optimal, yellow is slightly okay, orange is highly discouraged, and red ones should never be used.

Here’s a list of some possible forms and how I feel about each one.

  • Onlyonesandzeros.com – Encouraged
  • OnlyOnesAndZeros.com – Strongly encouraged
  • onlyonesandzeros.com – Discouraged
  • Onlyonesandzeros.Com – Discouraged
  • OnlyOnesAndZeros.Com – Encouraged
  • onlyonesandzeros.Com – Strongly discouraged
  • Onlyonesandzeros – Encouraged
  • OnlyOnesAndZeros – Strongly encouraged
  • onlyonesandzeros – Discouraged

Please don’t write http://www.onlyonesandzeros.com/4.

When should I visit OnlyOnesAndZeros.com?

Here’s a flowchart to help you figure out if you should visit OnlyOnesAndZeros.com5. Please ignore the fact that there is no endpoint6.

[Thanks to draw.io.]

Why does Google Chrome say this site is not secure?

As of recently, Google Chrome displays a badge on all sites without HTTPS certificates stating that they are “Not secure”. In short, HTTPS is a protocol that encrypts data traveling over the internet to prevent it from being stolen by people with malicious intentions. You do not need to worry about this because OnlyOnesAndZeros.com does not collect any sensitive information from users. I plan to acquire an HTTPS certification in the future to ensure that the site meets modern security requirements.


(Extremely Random Questions)

Is pizza good for you?

Maybe. I dunno. Nobody really knows.

Is math cool?


  1. I can’t call this an “FAQ” because no one ever actually asks me any questions about the site.
  2. In my opinion, and in the opinion of 99.997655% of test subjects in a lab environment. 0.002345% of whom were not paid to say that.
  3. Don’t read it, it’s awful.
  4. There isn’t even a “www.” in the site domain.
  5. Although if you are reading this, you are probably already on the site. . .
  6. Why would you ever want to leave?