Visualizing Videos as 3D Objects with Blender

A while ago, I saw this note I wrote to myself of a future project to work on: a 3D visualization of a video. I had been thinking about how videos are basically sequences of 2-dimensional images,  comprised of millions of pixels arranged into different x and y positions, and any video can therefore be … Read moreVisualizing Videos as 3D Objects with Blender

Blender – Tree Render With Sapling Add-on

A tall, narrow tree

A while ago, I made a tree in Blender with the help of the sapling add-on (it’s built into Blender, but you have to enable it it the user preferences). The add-on basically lets you create custom tree meshes using dozens upon dozens of different settings, and it also includes several helpful presets. The leaves and branches/trunk are separated, so I assigned separate materials to each of them, then rendered and added a slight vignette in