Minor Design Adjustments

It’s December, and that means it’s time to take a fresh look at the layout and design of my website1. I made a few small changes that I think should make using this website more enjoyable and visually appealing. Here’s a quick summary2:

  • The current date is now displayed in the sidebar
  • Less spacing around the extremely large logo at the top of the page
  • Center column width has changed slightly (still full-width on mobile devices)
  • Menu reorganization – all the same categories are still there, but some of them have been moved into “Media” and “Other” to free up space and clean up the design
  • Added a dark mode switch3If you already have a dark mode plugin installed to your web browser, having both on at the same time probably won’t end well.[/note]; I’m still working out some issues with it[/note] (in the sidebar) using the WP Night Mode plugin4

December 21, 2019 Update

Added two new sidebar widgets:

  • “Reading now” – something I’ve found recently that I think you should see too
  • RSS feed – use
    http://onlyonesandzeros.com/feed/ to add it to your website or RSS reader
  1. as well as my life choices
  2. No, this doesn’t count as this week’s post
  3. Apologies for any flickering or other inconveniences this causes
  4. please at least try it, justify my CSS suffering
  5. http://onlyonesandzeros.com/category/meta